Some clients do not yet have the financial foundation or habits to be able to save and grow assets. Trying to create a buffer in a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle can be incredibly difficult. In 2010 Brian completed Dave Ramsey’s® Counselor Training and has provided financial coaching and counseling since. This may include helping clients prevent bankruptcy, helping marriages plagued with money fights, or helping singles be more accountable to where their money goes each month.


At times clients simply want an objective analysis and guided recommendations regarding their financial position. In these agreements we will conduct a thorough evaluation of your situation and goals, create a plan, and then present the proposal for you to carry out. Consulting is completed over an agreed upon timeframe, and ongoing, long-term management of investments and assets is the responsibility of the client.

Active Management

Many clients do not wish to actively manage and maintain their accounts day to day and year to year. After evaluating your situation, creating a plan, and proposing recommendations, we can then assist you in choosing the most appropriate financial instruments to address your objectives. With active management our mission is to see that accounts remain congruent with accomplishing your goals over the long-term. Our goal is to work with you for decades to come and to keep your financial future flexible to whatever changes life brings your way.